Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Homebrew Mead - Part 1: Stir It Up

A couple of months ago we laid up our first batch of Mead (honey-wine) to ferment. Some friends of ours who own some bee hives were generous enough to give us about 6lbs of honey (enough for the recipe) and so on a cold December night after decorating the Christmas Tree, we went to work.

The recipe is very simple: Honey, Water, Orange(s), Rasins and of course Yeast.
Homebrew Mead-1

Heating up the honey to make it pourable (still wasnt easy to pour!)
Homebrew Mead-5

Leah on orange cutting/stuffing duty
Homebrew Mead-12

Steady does it
Homebrew Mead-9

We are now working on the 5th month that this batch has been fermenting, once we pull it out and sample/bottle it, we will post the results. The instructions and recipe we used can be found here (the rest of the site has some more in depth details).

See the rest of the pics of that night in the slideshow:

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

James & Israel @ MSP

Uncle Ben took James and Israel for a tour of the MSP hangar, where they got to sit in the helicopter and watch it start up and get a ride and then eventually take the stick for a short while and bring it down for a touch-n-go...while blindfolded!

James and Israel @ MSP-1

James and Israel @ MSP-4

James and Israel @ MSP-2

James and Israel @ MSP-3

(ok well they got to sit in it at least!)

Eden & James Birthday 09

Man time flies by quickly, seems like it was just a year or two ago I was watching Eden take her first steps, and now its Claire. Or just a couple of months ago that James was destroying everything in sight...ok maybe that was just a couple of months ago...but the point is that time is moving ever faster and seems to accelerate as our family gets older *sigh*

Eden James Birthday 09-15

Earlier this year Eden and James had their birthday's; 7 & 5 respectively and this years theme was StarWars (as picked by them) can't you tell!

Eden James Birthday 09-5

As you can tell everyone was having a great time especially TheGryph!

Eden James Birthday 09-20

Here is the attempt at a DeathStar cake a.k.a "Ol'Poopy"

Eden James Birthday 09-3

We also took the kids to Chuck-E-Cheese for a day of games (which they loved)

Eden James Birthday 09-2

See the rest in the slideshow: