Saturday, May 23, 2009

Strawberry Pickin (and eating of course!)

One of the benefits of HomeSchooling the kids is that Lauren is able to take them on field trips during the school-week. While other kids are stuck behind bars in class, they are able to knock out their work and then go get some living under their belts :)

Strawberry Picking-1

The most recent trip was to the Pick-Your-Own-Berries farm. This was Claire's first experience with Strawberries, and there is one thoroughly ruined outfit to prove that she thought she was in heaven (an all you can eat Heaven!).

Strawberry Picking-7

A good haul
Strawberry Picking-4

Did you pay for that one?
Strawberry Picking-9

A good afternoons work
Strawberry Picking-23

All cleaned up and happy
Strawberry Picking-26

Strawberries zap the strength
Strawberry Picking-33

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