Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Getting ready for the big trip

As you may or may not know, we are in the full on in the planning stage for our trip to Ireland, Scotland, England, and Wales next year. We've got a lot of research, and prep-work to take care of in the next 15 months. We hope to post the most interesting and informative stuff here as we work through the process.

Gougane Barra - Ireland

Items to plan for:

1. Readying our house for another family to live in while we are gone.
2. Researching and planning the actual house-swap.
3. Planning the itinerary so we see EVERYTHING : )
4. Researching costs, and saving for the trip.
5. Getting passports, documents, tickets...
6. Convincing work to let me go for an entire month.


MommaMax said...

Yo! Love the blog! Looks great! Keep it coming. Even though you and I often take photos at the same events, it's really fun to see your perspective. I'll check in often xoxooxoxoxoxo

Taylor Family said...

Glad you are enjoying it, this is something that I've wanted to get upo and running for a while now.

Eventually Lauren will start posting some (about gardening, home-schooling, life...). Maybe even get some stuff on from the kids now and then.

Wouldn't it be cool if we could take pictures together in Ireland?! ;)