Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Quick Tutorial: Looking at Photos

One of the main reasons we wanted to create this Blog, was so that you Friends and Family can share in some of the great photos that we wind up with.

Here are a couple of tips that should make it easy to view and get copies/prints of the photos we post.

1. The photos on this Blog are just previews.
The real photos are hosted on Flickr (the site we keep our photos). Each post that contains photos will also contain a link to the Flickr page where you can download larger copies of the photos, comment on them, order prints and more.

2. Theres more than meets the eye.
We will only put up a handful of images on any given post so that it doesnt take forever to load. Usually though there will be even more over at the Flickr page for that given post (there will be a link to get there).