Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Fathers Day 2008

I know its late, but these pictures still deserve to be put up :) We had a great time at Mom-Moms with a picnic and then gifts.

Take a look at these shots of James rockin it out with the Frisbee. At first Mom didn't believe me when I told her that he was a killer at throwing and catching it...heres the proof!

Click on the photo to see the next one in the set!

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Vee Wilson said...

Hey Eli,I enjoy your blog so much. You are so good to do that, for all of us who cant be there.James is living upto his name JET !!
He will be a champion one day.
I loved the picture of your Mom Max.She looks just like a little girl. I coulden't stop looking at her. Im proud to say, she is my baby girl. Love to all of you
<>< Grandmom Vee