Saturday, July 5, 2008

Grandfather Mountain Highland Games 2008: What is it?

Well, we are now literally knee-deep in the planning and packing stage for our big family trip down to NC for the Grandfather Mountain Highland Games (website) so I am running out of time to mention it here on the site. Touted as one of the largest and oldest Highland Games/Celtic Festivals in the states, we are really excited about this trip that we have been planning since this time last year. Plus, and festival represented by this guy has to be awesome! : )

GMHG Program Cover
More Program Covers

Highland Games, in case you aren't familiar with the term, are celebrations of Scottish heritage that include (as the focus) traditional Scottish Competitions, Scottish Food, Music, and activities. They are basically a place to celebrate all things Scottish. You can also take a look at my post from the 2006 Games in Richmond VA for an idea of what the actual games look like.

One of the coolest things about GMHG is the large list of kids events offered. They have everything from highland wrestling clinics (James the Destroyer) to bare-foot relay races. Part of our MO as a family is to do most things together, and I am really glad this wont be a weekend where the kids are basically drug around everywhere.


Here are some of the events planned:

- Sheep Herding
- Torchlight Opening Ceremony
- Sheep Herding
- Highland Dancing Championship
- Celtic Music Jam Concert tracing the evolution of Celtic Music from the ancient to the contemporary
- Children's Highland Wrestling Competition
- More Sheep Herding
- Massed Bands Bagpipe Performance
- Scottish Worship Service
- Children's Border Collie Demonstration
- Sheep Herding
- Scottish Fiddling Competition

Stay tuned for Part #2: "Getting There" where I'll post some details about the prep and the journey.

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