Thursday, June 19, 2008

Claires Birth: Redux

The first post we had for Claires birth was sparse to say the least. We snapped a ton of photos in our 2.5 days in the hospital, and have a bunch that are worth sharing. Here is a slideshow of some of the better shots we captured.

As a reminder you can click on the image itself to go to the next one in the list, or you can hover your mouse at the bottom of the image to get a menu where you can chose an individual photo.

Here is a brief rundown of Mondays Events:

6:00a: Lauren wakes up from having contractions off and on all night long.
8:00a: Eli wakes up :)
10:00a: Lauren is pretty convinced that these are not false labour due to the severity of them, so we decide to go into Easton and do some shopping and chores to stall and get a bit further into labour.
11:30a: As we are walking out of Target Lauren turns and says (in the middle of a contraction) "I think we need to drop the kids off now"
11:31a: We drop the kids off :)
12:00p: We get to the hospital to get checked and Lauren is now at 6cm and 60% effacement.
12:45p: They give us a room and take care of Laurens IV that she needed.
1:30p: Karen; the resident Labour Therapist comes in to help Lauren with the labour by giving her massages, accupressure, technique on the birthing ball, and general encouragement. She was pretty awesome and a great help.
2:45p: The doctor comes in and checks Lauren; now at 8cm and 80% effaced. She offers to break the water and once she does the contractions kick up.
3:00p: Lauren starts to feel the need to push and the doctor say "Go for it"
3:07p: We've got a kid!

All in all things went really smoothly, and relatively quickly. No doubt God really blessed us throughout this labour and birth, payment for having James? ;) Were really glad that it went down the way it did, and are now back home just getting settled into family life with 3 kids!


Linda said...

Eli & Lauren,
I'm so happy little Claire came into the world safe and sound. She is so precious. Edan and James looked so proud holding their little sister. Robert says your car will get 500k with no problem. They don't make cars like that anymore. So Congrats on both additions to the family.
xxoxoxo Aunt Linda

Vee Wilson said...

Dear Grandson & Daughter Eli &
Lauren, You are so blessed. Claire is a precious addition to your beautiful Fanily.I am so proud to be the Great Grandmom In the blood line of your family. All blessings come from God.
God has truly blessed you two.

Your Mercedes got Landie's attention BIG TIME !!!
All my love to you,Grandmom Vee

firefighterspew said...

So Explain to me why you didnt put the pic of me eathing Claire's stomach..I am hurt and mad at the same time....YOU GUYS ARE GREAT.... congrats again bud..

Taylor Family said...

Aunt Linda: Yeah, we're really enjoying having another little little one around, and Eden is being a big helper. Also glad to hear that Robert concurs about the car. Mercedes management has stated in recent years that their goal as a company is to get back to the quality of those model cars (w123 & w124)! Stay tuned for more as I get time to work on it more.

Grandma Vee: Thanks, God has definitely blessed us...even though we were necessarily planning another one! Cool to hear that the Merc is a popular choice, the thing is built like a tank. One of our first real trips with it will be to western NC (Grandfather Mountain). I was surprised to see that on our way down we will cross over the very tip of TN, your guys neck of the woods :)

Butch: That pic will definitely make it up, just not in the first batch. Too bad you lost the vid of me shooting the rifle, would have been a good addition to the site. I guess I'll have to get another gnome for more shooting practice!