Thursday, June 12, 2008

Edens Message

Here is a message from Eden to the entire viewing audience (since she has now learned that she is famous!). The pictures were picked by her, in the video she did all her own stunts, and picked her favorite song for the sound track. The message is transcribed from her own words.

So without further ado;

Hi everybody, I love the song Saily Away, it was my favorite song. We used to all ride in the 4Runner and I used to listen to it and I really like it.

Listen to this video and watch it, you will see what I really like about this part. I like the part where I was holding the iPod, it doesn't really work but I was holding it.

This day of my video is a special day, Jamesy has one too. Send me back a message and say "Hello Eden".


Kids Pics 08-3

Kids Pics 08-4

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Linda said...

Hi Sweet Girl, This is your Great Aunt Linda, I had a wonderful time hanging out with you this past October. I remember you saying you wanted your Mom to give you two boys but instead God is blessing you with a little sister named Claire. You are going to be an important part of Claire's life. You are going to be the only big sister she will ever have. She's lucky to have you. I had fun watching your video. Drop me line sometime at
Love you!