Thursday, June 5, 2008

Quick Tutorial: Viewing Slideshows

As you may have noticed in from the last post, we've now got a cool new way to show photos: Slideshow. It's pretty straight forward to use, however I thought I'd take a minute and explain it to avoid any confusion.

1. Clicking on the photo itself will automatically bring up the next photo in the set.
2. Hovering your mouse over the light bar at the bottom of the photo, will bring up a menu showing all the photos. You can go directly to any of them by clicking on them.
3. In that same menu there are some other options such as zooming in (if the given photo supports it) and going directly to the photo on Flickr (useful if you want to download a hi-res or get a print).

Heres a sample show to play around with, using some pictures of our first cat Peach.

Hopefully this will begin to reduce the load time of the page a bit by removing the number of photos that have to load by default, while still allowing you to see all the photos we uploaded. If you run into any trouble with it, leave a comment and I'll get back to ya!

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